How Do I Order Slim Ball Diet Pill?


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It appears that the Slim Ball Diet Product is off the market.  Consumer reviews paint a grim picture about this product.  It appears to be an ineffective pill marketed as a weight loss guarantee.  I cannot find any retailer or 3rd party that is selling this pill.  My advice is to avoid it if you do come across it.
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Go to
   Do you know any one who has tried it what were there results?
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John Munos answered

I went on The Zone a few years ago and lost 40 pounds. It's a good diet but you have to be extremely disciplined and plan your meals a few days ahead of time. And it's good idea to have all your veggies cut, protein weighed and portioned out, etc so you can eat without having to do much prep. When you are expected to eat all of that food, you have to plan it so you don't accidentally cheat.
It certainly cut cravings for sugar and stuff, and I still try to eat in "zone diet weight loss", but I have moved on to another diet for maintenance and sports performance.

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