Can A Girl Get Pregnant With Out Sprem?


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Look up some research online. Anyone who thinks a girl cannot get another girl pregnant is naive. All woman have the ability to get another girl pregnant by inserting their cum in the other girl. Its not very common but it is possible. And recent discoveries suggest and support that this is true. In fact, a lesbian girl in my school became pregnant from another girl. She had DNA tests done on the baby that prove her girlfriend did get her pregnant.
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Breanna Breannaaaa
I think I am pregnant by my girlfriend but I'm not sure yet. I'm happy but everyone's telling me there's no way a girl can get pregnant by another girl.
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Dude, my girlfriend got me pregnant. So it can and does happen. Grow up. Yaaaay bambino!
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Actually there has been a recent scientific discovery that says that women can get pregnant without the use of sperm. Now I am no expert on it for that you'll have to research. But what I do know is that this is an extremely rare thing to occur.
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Uh... NO... You need sperm to make the baby, if we did not need sperm to make the baby, there would be no need for men in the world. Also, there would be a lot more pregnancies and younger mothers.
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Don't be so naive, especially with all the science around. There are other ways for a girl to get pregnant without a man'a sperm, like bone marrow from another woman or tricking the egg with a certain mix of chemicals. You can be so old-fashioned.
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If there was any contact with a penis against her vagina ... Yes ... Pre-cum is very effective in making a girl pregnant ... That's why you use birth control and a condom before there is any contact.

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