I am 16 and sexually active. I have missed my period two months in a row, i have taken FOUR pregnancy tests and all were clearly negative. What could cause this?


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It could be that your periods have become irregular. It used to be that way for me. What you should do, it talk to your parents, and as scary and crazy as that sounds you need to do that. I was 14 and got pregnant and all I had was my family because no one else was going to help me. I would also advice you to go to a medical center, there are sworn to secrecy and privacy, and take a pee test and a blood test. You can never be sure with home tests. Trust me, 5 tests said I was negative and the one at the medical center said I was having a baby.
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Hello Sapphire,It depends weather you're experiencing any other symptoms? Tiredness? Fatigue? Hormonal Imbalance? When I was 16 my periods were always irregular, so I went onto the pill to regulate them..please tell me you're on some form of contraception?S

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