How Long Does It Take To Make You Pee After Drinking Water?


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Different people have different speeds at which their body passes water. Some people can drink a glass of water and urinate five minutes later, whilst others will go an hour later. Generally our bodies are meant to make us urinate every hour or two, depending on how much fluids we're taking.

The scale is that the more water you drink the higher the likelihood you'll need to urinate soon, and the less you drink the longer you will be waiting. As mentioned though, different people have different natural tolerances.

  • How much water should we drink a day?
Generally it is advised that you drink 1 or 2 liters a day to remain healthy, and only more during illness if necessary or during hot weather.

  • What should my urine look like?
Clear and odorless is the best condition for urine. This shows that the kidneys are purifying well and that the body has used all the water it needs and you imbibed plenty to function.

Yellow urine isn't bad, of course, and it's often yellow when you wake up, but it's an indicator your body needs more water than it's getting.

  • What happens if I drink too much?
Drinking flushes your system. Your body takes in water yes, but a lot of it - just like oxygen - isn't absorbed completely. There is excess and the body ejects this. In doing so it removes the system of some vitamins, minerals and nutrients. If you drink too much water, without replenishing these, your body can stop function properly and in extreme cases shut down, resulting in hospital admission for water intoxication - also known as water poisoning, hyper-hydration or over-hydration.

  • Are there any warning signs?
Quite obviously, if there is any pain - such as a burning sensation or a sharp feeling - then you should see a doctor. The same applies if you have any other sort of discharge whilst urinating. Semen doesn't count, but anything else, such as blood, does and needs attention. It could be an STI (Sexually Transmitted Infection) or it could be a UTI (Urinary Tract Infection) or perhaps something else. Regardless, there will be discomfort so you should seek medical assistance.
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It takes me 20min

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