Do U Get Cervical Mucus In The Early Stages Of Pregnancy?


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Yes, it is a regular for women to experience this in the early stages of pregnancy and most women notice an increase in the vaginal discharge called cervical mucus.
If you normally have dry cervical mucus but have noticed a sudden increase in the discharge before you have had your period, this could be indication that you are pregnant. However having an increase in the vaginal fluids does not guarantee that you are pregnant and it normal for women to notice other changes like frequent urination, breast tenderness and an increase in cervical mucus even when they are not pregnant. If you are unsure whether or not you are pregnant visit your doctor or GP to find out conclusively to ensure you do not risk the health of the baby.
Most women do report seeing creamy or sticky cervical mucus or during the early stages of a pregnancy and this is a normal side effect to being pregnant. Although this is not a definite indication of pregnancy you may find it useful to monitor you cervical mucus at the end of your cycle.
The name of the white colored vaginal discharge women see during pregnancy is known as leucorrhea. This is caused by the higher levels of estrogen, which are produced during pregnancy, causing the cervical glands to produce more cervical fluids. It is possible for women to notice leucorrhea in the early stages of pregnancy when the cervix becomes closed and blue in color. It is important to note that the cervical mucus tends to change during this stage of the cycle. This causes an increase due to hormonal fluctuation and blood flow to the uterus; it will increase in volume and also changes texture during this progress.
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The cells which provide as a lining for the cervical canal generate a kind of mucus or fluid. At the time of menstruation, the mucus changes in texture, it becomes damp and slippery. It is similar at the time of pregnancy.

One can check the cervical mucus with the help of ones fingertip, near the vulva. One can also inspect the mucus by how it looks. Do this with the help of toilet paper and observe the texture. It should be white or cream or opaque in colour and moist in texture. Using your fingers, see what kind of consistency the mucus has, sticky or smooth. If the mucus is stretchy, it means that it is highly fertilised.
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Mucus production in all ladies continues through out the cycle. Its quantity and viscosity can be different at different stage of cycle because it depends upon hormonal changes. Mucus during pregnancy is also produced due to high levels of hormone especially progesterone. So, mucus during pregnancy is normal. If you are suspecting pregnancy by having only mucus then it is not good. You should get pregnancy test.
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Ovulation and mucous secretion do not indicate pregnancy. After the ovulation, unprotected sex is necessary to get pregnant. Ovulation is a hidden process inside the body and a woman can not feel when she is ovulating. Many ladies mistakenly use term ovulation for periods. Both are different conditions. Mucous production is normal in all ladies who are having normal cycles. Quantity and viscosity of these secretion is different at different stages of cycle because of different hormonal levels. If you are suspecting pregnancy then don't rely on any sign but take pregnancy test to after missing of periods on due dates to confirm the diagnosis.

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