I have a VERY loose wisdom tooth. If I pull it myself will it heal correctly and not get infected?


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I was a Dental Assistant for 31 years. You CAN pull the tooth your self. It will heal just fine. Bite down on a wet gauze for 30 minutes, (or old hankie you can throw away when you are done). If it continues to bleed for more than 4 hours, take a tea bag, wet it, fold it in half and bite on it for 30 minutes.  Do not spit for 24 hrs. Do not eat foods like rice that could possibly get in to the hole your tooth was at. It will heal from the inside out. Any further ?'s,
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I have never heard of a wisdom tooth becoming loose , is it because of some injury ? You will have to see a dentist to get professional opinion about it .Going there for consultation does not mean u have to get it pulled . Just seek an opinion and then decide what you want to do about it .I also suggest you this Toothache Remedy, there are plenty of home remedies to get rid of toothache instantly.

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I think I'd have a dentist remove it

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