Can I Get All My Teeth Pulled At One Time To Get Dentures?


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I just got all of my teeth removed on the 19th of March and have been dealing with the Interim Dentures since.  My dentist informed me that it would be the best decision considering it allows a rapid rate of recovery and can set the ball into motion to obtain full dentures in less than a year.  After all your teeth are removed there is going to be a period of time where your gums and jaw-line are going to shift and reform.  The Interim Dentures are basically pressure bandages meant to hold in the clots (helping prevent the dreaded Dry-Socket) and help the gums maintain proper form.  I was told that it'll be a course of up to 7 months before I will be considered fully healed and ready to be fitted for complete dentures, but it certainly beat the potential of 3 YEARS to have all my teeth extracted then heal up for my dentures.  It is agony for the first week and horrendous for the second, but worth it.
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Yes I just had all mine pulled at once(25 teeth) then they put in immediate dentures and sent my on my way.The whole office visit was less than 1 hr! That was 5 days ago and I'm still waiting to chew on something :(
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Yes, you can. I just did and let me tell you...... I'm very glad I did it all at once. I'm not going to lie, IT SUCKED but now its over and I'm healing and on my way to dentures in half the time.
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Sister having all her teeth pulled at once is this ok also what should she expect first two weeks
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Yes, this is what I did as I am on a medication where I should not be put under.  After my cancer surgery, had to have four teeth, right in front and two back removed due to my immune system being down.  It was a few months process, made sure the other teeth were well filled and filed then got partial
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Took pictures during different tooth loss, in one, dressed up as a hockey player lol
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But they don't do the whole mouth at once
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I had all my teeth pulled in one day. I didnt want to have to keep going back and having more pulled. My dentist said this was better so they could be on their way to healing so I could get my dentures faster :)
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If you don't need  them then don't get them. However no. Your dentist will set up several appointments. They can't numb your guns at the same time. People bit there checks and toungs and have been sent ti the hospital.. And then your gums need to heal properly. You can talk with your dentist about all this.they'd be happy to help you

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