I Am 4 Months Pregnant How Developed Is My Baby?


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The progress and development of an unborn baby is easily charted though many fetuses can grow at varying speeds depending on the mother and general health issues. The advancement of technology such as x-ray and scans means that many parents are able to witness the growth of their child in front of their eyes, it also helps the medical staff monitor the health and wellbeing of the unborn child which is why regular scans are recommended.
Obviously after four months there is quite a lot of progress, the fetus will be around five to seven inches in length and should weigh between six and seven ounces, though this can vary depending on the genes of the baby to be. The fetus has also started to develop reflexes by the four month stage, sucking and swallowing is possible and the fetus may even start sucking its own thumb in the womb. Though no teeth will be present tooth buds will begin forming as well as sweat glands on the palms of the hands and the soles of the feet. It is possible to identify the sex after four months due to the early formation of genitalia. The hair on the baby’s head may also be visible.
The digestive system has begun to develop at this stage and intestines will have begun to develop, a mother may even begin to feel some movement after four months but it is not unusual to feel nothing until the fifth month. The skin is bright pink in appearance and has a light down like fur or hair covering the body. This fine body hair may stay on the baby for up to a week after a birth before being shed. Although developed to quite an advanced stage the fetus would not be able to survive outside the womb at this stage of the pregnancy.
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This plastic model is apparently what a 4 month old baby looks like in the womb. Just a little baby really.
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At four months your baby looks like a baby with real long arms and legs. Small body and head. It has its fingers and toes but they will be fused together at this point. No finger or toe nails yet. Eyes will be close, no eyebrows or hair yet.

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