Why Do Some People NEVER Have Cavities?


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I am the same way and from what I have researched it is all about how you as an organism respond to such bacterial attacks. Colonization of bacteria varies from person to person including position in the mouth and the amounts that replicate. On top of that, some genes cause certain human enamel to be "thinner" or have less strength to hold against acids produced by bacteria. My sister suffers from multiple cavities because of this problem and she brushes and flosses at LEAST two times a day. It is rather unfair, but everyone is different... And who knows... They may have another ability we wish we could have or trade our superb teeth for!

-Austin Anderson
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I never have cavities and I follow the same things you do with the brushing and candy eating:)...I guess we just have healthy mouths... And who wants cavities anyway
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This is a little late for when this was asked, but I figured I'd answer anyway. I'm the same way! I brush my teeth once a day and I'm addicted to anything sugary, but I never get cavities. I always assumed it was from going to a good dentist, which it might be, but the second answer sounds more scientifical, so let's go with that. XD.
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Many old people never have cavities, no matter what they eat or how often they brush.
Why? . . . . . . . . .Because they have NO TEETH !   Seesee

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