How To Speed Up Elimination Half Life Of Crystal Meth?


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What you need to do it take more of it. Meth is a strange drug: The molecules actually bond with each other in your body. The bigger the molecules are, the easier it is for your body to pass it. Obviously, it's better for everyone if you hadn't used, but since we can't go back in time, your only option is to use more.

Generally, the half life of small doses of meth is 24 hours, meaning if you ingested a gram of meth, your body has eliminated a half gram by the next day. After another 24 hours, only 1/4 gram remains in your body. Three days after initial ingestion, 1/8th of a gram remains in your body. Tests can detect amounts up to 1/2 gram.

Larger doses of meth leave the body quicker than small doses. The half life of 2 grams of meth is 8 hours. One gram remains after 8 hours, 1/2 gram after 16, and 1/4 gram after 24 hours.

However, as I stated before, your body eliminates larger molecules of meth easier. What you'll need to do is use more, about 24 hours before your drug test. Don't cut your meth into a fine powder, leave some chunks in it. You know how sugar crystals will grow on a seed crystal if left in a solution? Same with meth. The meth leaving your body need a large crystal to attach to.

Good luck!
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This is absolutely incorrect. The only way to speed up clearance of meth from your body is to to be properly hydrated and MAYBE decrease the pH of your blood and urine by eating acidic foods or supplements (i.e. vitamin c, apple cider vinegar) but understand the difference will not be that significant.

Injesting more of the drug only increases the time it takes for blood and urine levels to dip below the detectable limit.

Another option would be to take drugs that induce the activity of the enzyme that metabolizes meth, but I am unaware of what those are and if the effect would be significant.

So again, if you need to pass a drug test the best and only thing you should be doing is stop taking the drug and drink a little more water than usual. Some low intensity long duration exercise like jogging may also help speed up elimination.

FYI- meth can usually be detected in urine for up to 3 days since the last use, more or less depending on how much and how often you used it.
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Unless you are a 24/7/365 user then it should be out in just a few days anyway because it comes out through your pores when you sweat. Try drinking a lot of water and exercising(sweating) a great deal

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