What's The Cheapest Way To Get My Tubes Untied?


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You do not say where you are from so it is difficult to answer this question in a way that will give the exact information that you need. The best person to be able to answer your question would be the doctor you saw when you arranged to have your tubes tied in the first place. He or she will have a better idea of what is available and will also probably know if there are any payment plans available that will help you to manage the cost of the surgery.

You should be aware, though; reversing female sterilization is very often not possible. If the fallopian tubes have been cauterized as well as being ligatured, it is impossible. How much of the fallopian tube is left is also another issue that needs to be taken into consideration before surgery is carried out.

If a doctor thinks that you may be a suitable candidate for reversal surgery, you should also be aware that it is not always successful and many women who have had the procedure fail to get pregnant. For those that do, the chances of having an ectopic pregnancy (where the fertilized egg embeds in the fallopian tube rather than the uterus) is greater, and so cannot be carried to term because it is a life threatening condition.

It is for these reasons that being sterilized should always be considered to be permanent and irreversible, but if you are determined to attempt the procedure, your first step is making sure that it is possible in your case.

For women who are uncertain about sterilization and who think that there is a chance that they may want another child in the future, if their circumstances change, alternative contraception methods should be considered.

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