Is It Possible For A Tubal Ligation To Come Untied After 5 Years?


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jhuel reid answered
Tubal ligation arent reversed just ike that. It is a medical procedure that can infact be reversed based on the length of time your tubes has been tied off and also the age of the individual that underwent this surgical procedure. Yes it is in fact possible to have your tubal ligation reversed after 5 years, but please do some research on this before doing it to make sure that you find out enough about it before you do it
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If your tubes, were cut and tied, they will not come undone. However, if your tubes were simply tied, then yes, there is a possibility.
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Sheila Pickett answered
When do you recommend women to get their tubes checked? How do you know when they are undone so that if you wanted anthor form of birth control you could get it to prevent pregancy?

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