Can Your Tubes Come Untied From Sex?


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Sex will not cause your tubes to become untied.  What causes it is your tubes after being tied can end up touching each other in your body.  After touching for a while they will begin to grow back together.  Your body just thinks its repairing itself.  But then it is possible to get pregnant again.  There is a procedure that when they tie your tubes they cut a section out to keep them from growing together but many places don't like doing that because it can never be reversed once its done.
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As for as tubal ligation is concerned, chances are poor because it is highly successful method of contraception. Chances exist when the procedure of tubal ligation is inappropriate or many years have passed after the tubal ligation. Tide tubes can become loose after many years of procedure. This slightly increases the chance.

If tubes are not tied and lady is not on any of the contraceptive method then any type of sex like rough, rape, soft, hard etc can result in to pregnancy. This is also true even if lady don't have orgasm during sex.

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