How To Control Fast Sperm Release?


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I am presuming by this you mean premature ejaculation. This really it depends on a number of factors, for example:

• What is causing the problem

• How much it effects the individual

• How bad the problem is

Basically speaking, if the problem is not too bad, it can be helped fairly easily with no medical help. The least severe cases can simply be remedied by simple distraction during intercourse. An example for this could be as easy as thinking of something completely non sexual just before you climax. Similarly, some people find it helpful to take breaks and start again after a few minutes.

If the problem could be caused by nerves, then obviously a one night stand with someone you do not know well is always going to be challenging. This problem may disappear once in a relationship where both partners feel at ease with one another and there is no major pressure. Nerves can be a difficult one to solve in theory as it is a psychological issue. The more it is viewed as a problem, the more nervous the individual will get.

Other home remedies for less severe problems include:

• Masturbating in the hour before intercourse

• Using thicker condoms or specially designed condoms for premature ejaculation

• Applying a specific local anesthetic cream to the penis prior to intercourse

If these methods do not improve the situation then a trip to the GP is advised. Many people are too embarrassed to go to their GP, but just remember they will get at least a couple of cases of premature ejaculation each week and are totally used to it. GPs do not see this as an insignificant problem as they are well aware of the problems it can cause in a relationship. They may prescribe counseling or specific techniques or drugs to remedy the issue; the treatment they choose will depend on the cause.
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I release sperm very fast
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Ok I suggest, you tell your husband to stop in the middle of urination for 3 seconds and again pass urine in the same way ask him to do for 3 times. Same per day 3 times continue for 2weeks you can see the difference. By doing like this the vein will become stronger and can control the pressure
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Your husband have to take charger capsule everyday two time with milk
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No, it is not due to the stress. It all depends upon your strength and good quality of food. Stimulation is also a main factor. Sometimes the man has more erection and stimulation and the semen comes out fast than normal. If you take good diet and are fresh then you would get more pleasure and satisfaction.
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You can't you must not have had any in a long time
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This will mainly depend on your mental situation, most of these cases are result of wrong thinking and less confidence about performance. There are many ways to control it, you can try exercises and various techniques to delay it. 
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