How Long Does 1/2 Pint Of Vodka Stay In Your System?


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Half a pint of vodka will stay in your system for around 11 hours. Alcohol tests have shown that 25 milliliters of a spirit such as vodka will take one hour to leave the system. As half a pint is equal to just over 284 milliliters, it should take just over eleven hours for the vodka to leave your system. However, this is highly dependent on your metabolic rate - those with higher metabolisms will find the alcohol will leave their system faster than those with slow metabolic rates. To be on the safe side, it may be sensible to presume that the vodka will remain in your blood for twelve hours, just in case your metabolism is on the slow side.

What's more, men tend to have higher metabolisms than women. Bear this in mind when consuming alcohol; women shouldn't attempt to 'keep up' with men as this could damage their system significantly more. Male bodies are better adapted to deal with high volumes of alcohol. This does not mean, of course, that it is healthy for men to regularly drink high amounts of alcoholic substance - it can be detrimental to the heart and liver, and can contribute to weight problems as alcohol contains a surprisingly high number of calories. Women and men should take note of the differing official guidelines on the number of alcoholic units it is safe to consume on a weekly basis. In addition, these guidelines should be considered limits, not goals!

If you will be subject to an alcohol test of any kind in the next 24 hours, it would be highly inadvisable to drink half a pint of vodka; there is always the chance it will linger in your system for longer than expected.
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Half a pint?! I'm surprised you can type the question....if the entire half pint remains in your system without you throwing most of it back out again, you should seriously think about cutting down your intake, as you are damaging your liver something awful. The alcohol will remain in your system as follows (but depends also on your own metabolic rate): One hour for every 25ml of spirit There are approx 280 ml in half a pint, so 11 hours is the minimum time it will be measurable in your blood. BUT it varies considerably depending on your health, age, sex and metabolic rate. At my work we breath test people every day (I'm not a police person!) and if you don't want alcohol to show in your breath/blood in the morning - don't drink the night before - not even a little bit!
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When doing a urine test how long does vodka stay in your system?

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