My Breast Are Tingly And Kind Of Burning Inside, Is This A Sign Of Pregnancy?


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There different signs of pregnancy and different women experience different symptoms. A few signs of pregnancy are;

Missed period
Unusual or abnormal period
Just "feeling" pregnant
Nausea and Vomiting
Changes in libido
Soreness of the Breasts
Enlargement of the Breasts
Increased Urination
Strange Cravings
Montgomery's Tuberculosis
Skin Changes
Stretch Marks
Quickening (Fetal Movement)
Colostrum from Breasts
Enlarged Abdomen
Positive Pregnancy Test
Change in uterine shape
Enlarging Uterus
Braxton Hicks Contractions
Palpation of the Baby
Fetal Heart Tones
Ultrasound Detection
X-ray Detection

Cramping, soreness of breasts and blood spotting are signs of pregnancy. Only test can tell you the best answer of your question. Wait until your period is missed and then take the test.

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