Does Anemia Cause Infertility?


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Yes, anaemia could cause infertility. Unfortunately, there have not been enough studies carried out to conclusively link fertility problems and anaemia at this moment in time.

There was a study though, which found that there could be a possible link between infertility and a deficiency in iron. The study found out that women not taking an iron supplement were experiencing fertility problems that were associated with ovarian failure. It is actually important though, that other factors be taken into consideration. The study also found that a woman not taking an iron supplement tended to smoke cigarettes, exercised less, and had a higher body weight. These factors could all be associated with fertility problems. 

For a woman who wants to conceive, most doctors will recommend preventing or treating anaemia. A deficiency in iron can also affect a woman's pregnancy. Anaemia could cause premature babies or a low weight at birth. There are some things that can be done to treat or prevent anaemia for women wanting to conceive or who are already pregnant. Always discuss this issue with your doctor first.
1.       An iron supplement can be taken daily: Iron supplements should be taken before meals to reduce any discomfort. They should not be taken before bedtime. It is best to start taking a lower dose until your system adjusts.
2.       Eat foods that are iron rich: Iron-fortified grains, seeds, nuts, peas, beans, dried fruits, liver, poultry, broccoli, kale and spinach are good sources of an iron rich diet that will help with an anaemic system.  

If a woman is concerned about being anaemic and possibly experiencing fertility problems because of this, it is always important that she discuss her concerns with her doctor. Quite often there could be other health conditions that could be causing her infertility.
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Yes, anemia can cause infertility. If you are anemic due to red blood cells deficiency, iron deficiency, B12 deficiency and folic acid deficiency then infertility can trouble you. You should continue treatment of anemia. Along with iron pills also take foods rich in iron. There are chances of pregnancy.
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Iron deficiency causes decreased ovulation in ovaries in female resulting decreased chance of pregnancy
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Yes, anemia can certainly cause infertility. If the body is not healthy, it is not going to help the reproduction process as required.

It is a tough battle and I am sure people try various things to have children. I would recommend targeting the root cause (i.e. Anemia) and make sure this is treated before moving forward.

Everyone has their own reasons for why they can't have children. It is probably best to speak with a medical professional first.

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Unfortunately, it can. Actually, there are lots of things which can cause infertility. So, if you want to conceive children you have to pay attention to your health, habits, and behaviours. The best thing to do if you suspect you have infertility is to go to a professional clinic. I recommend you to take a look at this site . Here you can find the best doctors who offer the best solutions to solve infertility issues.

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