I'm 17 5'11 And 180lbs, Is That Weird?I Look Really Chunky But I Only Weigh 180 Lbs?


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First off never compare yourself to others especially ones in magazines.. Even they don't look like that.. Lots of airbrush makeup tricks etc... You are almost 6' tall at 180 your perfectly fine... Listen to your friends  .. And allow yourself to see how beautiful you are.. You are the perfect you.
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Trust me honey a guy will like you!! You don't have to be a super model to be loved if so there would be a lot of sing women in this world...
No your not fat hell not your not, I'm 5'4 and I weight 174lbs. Happily married and I feel fat but I don't look it. I have guys hit on me all time . You don't need to judge yourself by someone elses looks god didn't make you that way he made everyone different!! Don't worry so much and stop thinking your fat!! I'm sure you are not ugly!!!
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A lot of it can be muscle and bone mass. Photo shop makes pretty girls in magazines look like perfection, but unless you balance diet and exercise and cut out the red meats, you will not be in shape. No guys will like you because you do not like yourself. If you are down on yourself and don't love who and what you are no one wants to be with a miserable self loathing human being. It is a turn off more that a roll of fat anyday. Get mentally healthy first, then worry about the rest later.
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I feel your pain, I'm 18 I'm 5'11 & I'm 160lbs. & trust me I think I'm bigger then I was when I was 14, I was 140lbs.! But your not fat your a good weight. I personally think that girls tend to gain more weight then guys & I've seen my friends who are 17 or close to being 18 & they have put on some weight, but their not fat. And oh my I look at the girls too & think why can't I look like them. Really not every guy likes that I have a big butt & thighs most models have small butts & small thighs. My boyfriend loves my big butt & doesn't want me to lose any weight. Let me tell you one last thing...ANY guy that says your fat or look chubby whatever kick them to the curb you'll find someone who loves you for you & not some skinny chick in a magazine!
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You know all teenage girls at one time or another think they're fat, you are not fat.  When you get older you'll look back and say, "man, I looked good back then".  It's a teenage girl thing, think confident and stay confident because you are all that.  Lots of teens have low self-confidence, but they really are beautiful, be yourself, love yourself and enjoy your teen years.....  they'll go by so fast...  enjoy them!
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Hey, your not fat at all =] my GF is 16, 5'9, and 180 lb.s, and fine as h3ll..I truly hope you find a guy that likes you for you..too many of us are obsessed with the unrealistic (and rather nasty, imo) girls of the media. Girls with some weight to them are usually much prettier, outside as well as inside =)
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For a female your age your and of your height, your perfect target weight is 164lbs. But you should weigh no less than 144 and no more than 183 in order to be healthy. Part of the problem is your self-of-steem. People naturally want to be around people who feel good about them selves and have a happy-go-lucky attitude towards life. This occurs naturally because the chemicals and pherimones that your body makes partially depends on how you feel about yourself, and these chemicals and pherimones greatly determine who a person will like. So no your not over weight, your in the range that you should be, and whether or not a guy is going to like you depends more upon your attitude than your weight.
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Girl I think I'm fat too but I don't care any more people can either love me or hate me I am still do me!
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Does anyone know how much a 5'6, 15 1/2 year old should way...? I'm pretty big boned.
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Am the same weight and the height too and am a guy....
Am pretty skinny and I think you are too..
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I am a 17 year old 5 feet 11i inch male I weigh 180lb is that healthy I look average shape I use to weigh 212lb at 16 years and I was 5feet 10
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Don't try to look like the girls in the magazines. They're overly skinny. Normal people aren't even supposed to look like that.The girls in those magazines starve themselves.

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