With Strength Training And Aerobics, Can I Make My Hips Smaller Or Am I Just Reducing The Size Of My Thighs And Do My Hips Stay The Same?


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If you're talking bone structure, nothing will reduce that in terms of training or aerobics. If the size of your hips is due to fat, however, aerobics and training can absolutely assist in reducing inches and toning. Pilates is a form of exercise that appears to be particularly suited to targeting specific areas of the body. If this is the case, you might consult a trainer or explore some pilates sites and/or DVDs to see what might work best for you.

A good way to assess body fat is BMI (body mass index). Check with your physician or health club for an inexpensive BMI measurement to help determine muscle/fat ratios.
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The problem with peoples hips is that they generally don't know where to measure to get the correct size. The hips are usually measured around largest protruding portion of the buttocks to the front. With that being said, unless your a 5% body fat fitness model, you are probably carrying extra weight on your hips. Women tend to gain weight on their hips and legs, while men usually gain it in the belly. So, unless you are stick thin, the right exercise and diet program will remove fat from around your hips. Be aware that the fat in your hips and stomach is very stubborn to remove.
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Your hips are your bones in most cases, so unless you are carrying extra wight, fat, in this area you can not reduce your bones! You can tone th muscle nd skin in this area and improve drastically how you appear but the basic issue in any exercise improvement action a person involves themselves in, look in the mirror and be realistic in regards exactly what you are, how you look and what can really be changed and how much?
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Like others have said, your hips are bones - nothing is going to change their size short of surgery. However, you can do something about any fat you're carrying on the thighs, butt, and hips/lower abs/love handle regions.Doing aerobics, watching your diet, and strength training are all great ways to lose fat. Keep working them, and you'll make great progress.Good luck,Aaron

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