Why Am I Bleeding For 3 To 6 Weeks Straight For My Menstrual Period?


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Jack Buckby answered
You did not specify what age you are, so it is difficult to tell whether you have started going through the menopause or not. If you are not at the right age to be going through the menopause, this should not be happening and you should book an appointment with your doctor as soon as possible.

Although I should point out that I am not medically trained or a doctor, there are a few conditions these symptoms could point to. These may include the following:

- Problems with your fibroids, such as having low thyroid problems. This has been known to cause some women to bleed between periods.
- Is there a chance you could be pregnant? If there is, this could be a sign of a miscarriage or bleeding coming from the placenta.
- If you have recently started taking the contraceptive pill, this can cause light bleeding in some women for the first month or two. Also, if you miss pills or take them too late, this could cause a hormonal imbalance which may lead to bleeding.
- Objects that have been inserted into the vagina could have caused damage and this may lead to bleeding.
- This could be a sign of an infection in the vaginal area.
- Using contraceptive methods, such as IUDs, can sometimes cause some light blood spotting.
- Heavier or more sustained bleeding could be a sign of malignant cancers.

Please go to the doctor if the bleeding is very heavy or painful and if you have started to feel unwell. Without seeing an expert who can access your medical history, there is no clear way of giving you a specific answer to your question.
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As you're probably not going thru the menopause at your age, its clear that something is wrong. It could be fibroids (as above) or it could be that you weren't `cleared out` properly after your section. You need to see a doctor about it, least of all because bleeding like this puts you at risk of anaemia.
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Long periods occur around the menopause and are due to hormonal imbalance. There can other reasons like fibroids. You need complete examination with your medical history to the the exact problem. Do consult the doctor.

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