I missed my period from 2 days, negative pregnancy test... I have white discharge. Am I pregnant or not?


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really depends whether you had unprotected sex or not ...if you had unprotected sex .. It could certainly mean you are pregnant , not that if you did have unprotected sex you're definitely pregnant its just gives you higher risk of being pregnant , if you had protected sex theres a small chance you could as the condom could've broke or something went wrong , condoms are usually quite good at preventing pregnancy so if you did have protected sex get a few more pregnancy tests if they all negative , its probably not pregnancy , plus lots of woman get white discharge , while some don't so its quite normal . Irregular periods are also quite normal even though you may have had it regular most of the time . So don't worry , unless you still have assumptions of something wrong with you go ask a doctor  to give you reassurance and answer your questions professionally. Good luck :)

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satwantgill gill , late periods, answered

it could be a late period. you can do a one test at home like drink hot stuff like coffee with this if u r not pregnant than u will have periods because coffee increase heat in ur body

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