Where Can I Sell My Sperm In Florida?


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Have you ever considered selling your sperm in Florida? You won't have any trouble at all since you can donate your sperm in any of the two sperm banks located in Florida namely the ReproTech Ltd. And The Repository Inc. These two sperm banks have been around for quite a long time already so you're rest assured you are in good hands with them.

• The ReproTech Ltd.

This sperm bank is located at 4661 Johnson Road, Suite 2, Coconut Creek, Florida. The bank first started in 1990 and ever since then it continues to specialize in long term cryostorage as well as transportation of reproductive tissues. ReproTech Ltd. Boasts of their safe and secured storage sites located in Florida as well as in Minnesota and Nevada.

ReproTech Ltd. Is composed of highly experienced employees. They help provide reliable and practical consultations services regarding the various programs they're offering. They are strictly regulated by regulatory agencies especially those in charge of health and sanitation.

• The Repository Inc.

Another sperm bank you can find in Florida is The Repository Inc. It can be found at 2021 E Commercial Boulevard, # 308 Fort Lauderdale, Florida. It is a private sperm bank which was established in 1996. Just like with other banks, it is equipped with state of the art facilities and experienced workforce.

If you're interested to become a donor, here are the things you should do:

• Go directly to the sperm bank or inquire online.
• Once you meet all requirements, you'll be asked to visit the bank personally for an interview and tests.
• After which, they will ask for a sample to assess sperm count, quality, and how it freezes in a specific period of time.
• If everything looks good, you'll be asked to undergo a thorough medical examination and have another sample taken.

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