Where Can I Go Sell My Sperm Around Texas?


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Have a look at this site; it’s in Austin, TX:
You need to be aware that it’s a tough process to get through if you want to sell sperm; typically, they only select one in 200 men as donors. Donors need to be either university students on a four year course, graduates or to be successful in their chosen career. Donors are chosen from a diverse group that includes all cultures and ethnicities but they are all linked by having excellence in their field.

Usually, a donation cycle takes around seven months to complete with two follow up appointments at the end of that time. The first month will be taken up with filling out the application and consent forms and with a series of tests and screening procedures, such as a complete physical and psychological assessment including blood tests, and your semen will be analyzed.  Screening will also involve a consultation with a genetic counsellor. You will be able to have any of your queries answered, and to find out all that you need to know.

If all is well, it is usual for you to be expected to make two donations a week for 26 weeks. Following this time, you will have more physical examinations to ensure that you are clear from any infectious diseases.

You will also be expected to have a video interview so that people who are looking to buy sperm can make decisions regarding their donor based on as much information as possible.

Some men can benefit from being paid over a $1000 a month for being a donor, but no-one should ever consider this to be an easy way of making some money: You will be vigorously tested and analyzed, and you will need to have total commitment.

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