Was A 34E Breast Size Too Big For Me When I Was 12? I Was Petite For All My Clothes, 5ft2 And I Am Mixed Raced.


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The answer is no. I was also big from a young age. By 13 I was also a E Cup. I seemed to go up a cup size each year. By the time I was 17, I was a 34G, or a 32 H depending on brands. I weighed 135bs. Four and a half years later, married and preg, I watched my breasts explode.
I went up a cup size again, but the reall difference was the fullness and firmness. I coud easily get around without a bra as far as shape and fullness went (Just no fast movements (LOL), but being full of milk, it looked like I was fully supported with a bra. I was great.

Anyways, 6 children later, they seemed to have sagged a bit...lol now I need a bra for lift.
The biggest I got was a 36JJ. Now, more moderate at a 32G.

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