My Breast Are Sorer And When I Squeeze My Nipples A Milky Looking Liquid Comes Out. My Period Isnt Due For A Few More Weeks, I Have Taken A Home Test And It Was Negative. Am I Pregnant?


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When going through our cycle that's how it is. Our breast gets tender and we cramp. You're probably cramping because it's almost time to have your period. Though you may never experience cramping before your period, our body don't stay the same it changes as we age. Our breast learns how to develop milk that's why you have the milky-like when squeezing your nipples. I learned if you had kids before, you will sometimes still leak time to time. There's nothing wrong on taking another test. If you don't start your period and tests are still showing negative, go to see your doctor. Blood tests are possible if your doctor suspect you might be pregnant. In the mean time take care of yourself.
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There is a possibility that you can be pregnant. The reason that you home pregnancy test came back negative was that it is quiet an early stage as yet and normally pregnancy tests can be misleading during the early stages of pregnancy. I would advise you to consult a doctor or take a professional pregnancy test or an ultrasound.
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You need to wait until the first day of a missed period then test for pregnancy if still negative and no period test a week or two later just to make sure as some people take longer to show positive results if there isn't enough of the pregnancy hormone take care
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I am also experiencing the same problem, but I am not pregnant. I wil have to go to the doctor and check for breast cancer, it is scary but I have to>

hope its nothing serious

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