White Discharge A Week Before My Period What Does It Mean?pregnant?


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A white discharge from your vagina a week before your period is due does not necessarily mean that you are pregnant.

There are specific, common signs of pregnancy which include the following:

A missed period
Increase in needing to urinate
Swollen breasts which are very tender to touch
Feeling sick
Spotting and cramping
Tingling nipples
Different sense of taste
Darkening of the nipples
A positive pregnancy test

Vaginal discharge is absolutely normal in women, it usually starts a week after a period but it is always clear and like mucus in texture. A white discharge is not normal and it would be advisable to visit the doctor for a diagnosis.

The most common cause of a white discharge is thrush (candida infection). As well as the discharge there is also a symptom of itching. There are a variety of treatments available from the local pharmacy which includes cream, pessaries and oral tablets. If these treatments do not resolve your symptoms within a couple of days, then it is best to visit your doctor and receive a further diagnosis.

If the discharge is itchy or smelly then you will definitely need to visit your doctor as the infection may need antibiotics. If you have been having unprotected sexual intercourse then it's possible that you may have received a sexually transmitted disease (STD).

Gonorrhoea is the most infectious STD and if it is not treated then it can cause infertility in the woman due to the infection travelling up the fallopian tubes.
Until you receive a complete diagnosis then you shouldn't engage in sexual intercourse in case of infecting your partner.

A visit to the doctor should result in a diagnosis. The doctor will examine your vagina by inserting a speculum inside and taking a swab, which will be sent for examination. It is a similar procedure to the smear test and is usually pain-free although you may feel a slight discomfort. Any discharge that is part of your normal menstrual cycle needs to be treated.
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No it is normal discharge that women can have. You can check a pregnancy test. I would wait until after your period is late to get an accurate reading.
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White vaginal discharge does not indicate any thing except infection if accompanied by odor or itching. Vagina should be slightly wet. To keep it moist, some secretions are secreted by vagina. These secretions can be thin, thick, less or more in quantity because hormonal levels can affect them. All these secretions are normal if there is no odor and itching. Presence of odor and itching can be due to bacterial, fungal or protozoan infection.

If you are suspecting pregnancy then wait for your periods on due dates and if no periods then get pregnancy test. Otherwise, visit a doctor if vaginal discharge is smelly and causing itching.
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I had a operation of polyps vaginal it was just a small one . After it I was by the doctor at feb2010 he gave me a treatment bc I had before2 years 2 miscarriages he gave me treatment acid folic the b vitamin 9 I hope you know it.I had begun to have sax with my husband at 12th feb2010 till now I have not my periods just pain in the vaginal & some white discharge a thick white liquid without smell. I am tired all the time & very moody since week  . Can any one tell me what is this ? M I pregnant or any other problem t

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