Menstrual Cycle Has Gone Between 23 -28 Days Why Does My Days Change?


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According to articles featured on and there are a wide variety of reasons that could cause someone to experience an irregular menstrual cycle from 28 days to 23 days and beyond, these include diet and exercise, general health condition, drugs, age and Poly-cystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS).

  • Diet and Exercise
Excessive alcohol consumption, smoking (in particular heavy smokers), extreme dieting, extensive exercise, poor nutrition or even large amounts of caffeine in a diet can be responsible for missed, late or irregular periods.

  • General Health Condition
Becoming anxious or stressing out can have a significant impact on a woman's menstrual cycle, whether it be a chronic condition or worrying about something specific. Illnesses including eating disorders, diabetes, fibroids, endometriosis, thyroid disorders and the contraction of sexually transmitted diseases all have the potential to interfere with menstruation.

  • Drugs
Any prescription medications, use of the contraceptive pill specifically or recreational drugs (in particular stimulants and opiates) are known to upset period frequency or stop menstruation altogether.

  • Age
Women nearing menopausal age can experience changes in their menstrual cycle, as can young girls when they begin theirs and it is not unusual for it to take some years before a regular pattern is observed.

  • Poly-cystic Ovary Syndrome
PCOS can cause infertility, heart disease and diabetes. This condition sees small cysts develop on ovaries and interferes with ovulation. The medical histories of females with PCOS often show irregularity of their menstruation cycle.

  • Treatment
The first thing to do if experiencing irregular menstrual cycles is to immediately contact a gynecologist, the potential causes outlined above are not an exhaustive list and it may be the cause of something that hasn't been covered. After identifying the reasons why a menstrual cycle is irregular, simply ceasing the behavior behind it should see your cycle return to normal, although the doctor will be able to give a more tailored solution.
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I'm usually off 28 days and then I start but I was off this time for 22 days and I started on the 23 day...and I feel queasy in my stomach also..what does this mean?
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Sometimes your menstrual cycle will change a little but no a lot that happens with mine too.
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Everyone has the occasional late period, it can be due to things such as stress or illness, but in your case it is likely purely down to your age - your reproductive cycle is complex so it takes time to work as it should, as you're still developing physically and sexually that can effect your cycles. So even if your periods are normally regular expect them to change occasionally until adulthood.
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Hi I just wondered if your periods ever got sorted out? Mine are anything from 21 or 23 day cycles doctor couldnt feel anything wrong but has booked me in for a scan anyway,

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