What Are Prenaplus Tablets?


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PrenaPlus tablets are prenatal vitamins that are taken by women whilst pregnant to support their diet and provide extra nutrients for both themselves and their growing baby. PrenaPlus is the name of the vitamin itself and the drug comes in many different forms and brands including PrenaCare, Prenatal Plus and Prenate Advanced Formula.

  • Who should take the tablets?
The tablets are specifically designed for pregnant women to aid in the growth of their baby during pregnancy. The vitamins in the tablets have been included as it gives both mother and baby more of the vital vitamins needed to sustain the mother and grow the baby healthily during pregnancy.

  • What vitamins are in the tablets?
The tablet gives the mother and child more of their daily dose of vitamins A, D and E. The tablets also contain iron, calcium, magnesium, zinc and potassium, all of which are needed as a part of a healthy diet for both adults and babies.

  • Caution
These tablets should only be administered in the method they were meant to be taken in. An overdose of vitamins can be very dangerous, even fatal in large quantities, and as such should only be taken as instructed. A doctor should always be consulted before tablets are taken for any length of time as they are knowledgeable with medicines and know how the tablets can best be taken.

Medications such as PrenaPlus can cause side effects and any of these should be reported to your doctor immediately and the course of medicine should be stopped. If you are breastfeeding it is also not always advisable to continue to take the medicine after birth and a doctor or midwife should be consulted before this action is taken. The product should also not be taken alongside other vitamins or milk.
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These tablets are combination of different vitamins and are also called prenatal vitamins. These tablets provide additional vitamins needed during pregnancy. For details, visit PrenaPlus

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