Can A Person Die From Having A Hysterectomy?


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Death can happen during any surgery, but is rare.  Talk to you doc about it if you are concerned.  I had a hysterectomy, and came through ok, mine was a complicated and long procedure, too. 
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Yes, There are a number of incidents in which the patient after hysterectomy has shown the side effects and death was caused. I have given an article in the link, in which you will find the stories of the people died of it.
People died of hysterectomy
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If you are concerned because of an upcoming operation, you can reassure yourself by doing a bit of checking on your surgeon. Start by asking him or his nurse how often he has done the procedure. Is he Board Certified, what is the success rate for this kind of procedure at the hospital at which it will be performed.

Many hospitals and hospital systems in the US have large departments or centers dedicated to one type of medical specialty... For instance a Cancer Center or Women's center. Personally, I would always make sure I was going to one of these centers for my operation rather than to a smaller hospital where the staff might not be as experienced. If your doctor does not have privileges to operate there, tough... Get another doctor.

Best of luck!
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There is always a risk of complications and death with any surgery. When the body is opened to perform any medical procedure, the risk of infection is ever present. Most procedures such as a hysterectomy go smoothly and the patient recovers without any complications.
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There is always risks with any operation.  If you are that worried check with your surgeon.

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