I Am 38 Weeks Pregnant. I Am Dilated To A 3, How Many Centimeters Do I Have To Dilate To For Them To Admit Me To Labor And Delivery?


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Dilation of cervix is 10 cm and efface is 100% at the time of delivery. But it is not a rue for the admission in hospital or time to start labor. It is possible that you start labor pain with dilation 3 cm or without any dilation. So wait for full term of 40 weeks and have weekly examination. Your doctor will admit you according to his judgment for delivery.
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I wouldn't worry about how dilated you are. Just make sure you get to the hospital if you start to feel contractions or if your water breaks. Your doctor will decide if you should go into the hospital at an earlier time. Good Luck.
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What if you are 38 weeks pregnant, dilated to 3 cm, had pre-term labor only 2 1/2 weeks ago, and are feeling contractions...what should you do????

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