I Am 35 Weeks And 4 Days Pregnant And I Went In For My Doctors Visit And They Said I Was Measuring 41 Weeks Pregnant , They Already Gave Me A Ultrasound At 34 Weeks I Have Increased Amniotic Fluid Am I Going To Have To Be Induced Why Am I Ahead?


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Are you calculating the 35 weeks and 4 days from your recollection of when you conceived?   Or is that the original dates the doctors gave you?

You have to calculate the weeks  pregnant by the dates of your last menstral period ... NOT by the day that you know you got pregnant.
That could add several weeks to your dates.

The ultrasound would be the best indication of how many weeks pregnant you really are.  
I had an increase in amniotic fluid as well.  It didn't cause me to have to be induced because my baby was born right on the due date I was given.  
So you may have to be induced due to the baby's size.   Good luck.

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