When Do You Get Your Period After You Just Had A Baby?


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I did not nurse my 2 kids, and my cycles began around 4 weeks, although I never stopped bleeding after I had my babies, it just got worse and worse til I was actually hemorrhaging.  Had to have a D&C  6 weeks after my 2nd baby.
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I just had a c-section a month ago. I never stopped bleeding and just 2 days ago it got worse, I am not sure if it is my period or something else. What is a d&c?
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It is a procedure done at the hospital out patient. You are under a gentle anesthsia so you do not feel it
the doctor goes in to the vagina and just checks things out and 'cleans out' everything. Usually the bleeding stops in a few days
your 1st period after pregnancy should start a few weeks after delivery and can be very heavy. If you have not stopped bleeding acouple weeks after the birth you need to call the doc. I had this both times (2 kids) continued
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I bled hevay for a month with the first
The first time I took a medication and with bedrest it stopped the second time the med did not work and I had the d and c after 6 weeks of bleeding! DOn't wait It was so bad that when I undressed for a shower blood fell out of my body and splatttered all ovger the bathrm (SORRY!) that scared my husband to pieces and he called the doctor himself (My doc did not believe me that it was so bad) so call your doc soon GOD bless
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That depends greatly on if you are nursing or not. If you are nursing exclusively then your period may not return until you begin to wean the baby. But, it may start after the baby is 4 months or so. If you are NOT nursing then it may come back right away. I was different with both of my girls. With my first I nursed her until she was 10 months old and NEVER GOT MY PERIOD. I actually got pregnant with my 2nd baby when the first was only 10 months old. I ovulated but never menstruated. With my second (now 8 months old) I also nursed but got my period when she was 6 months old.

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It depends. After my first daughter who I only nursed for about 6 weeks, I got my period about 3 months after she was born. With my other 2 kids who I nursed each for over a year, I didn't start my period until about 6-8 months after I gave birth. And I had horrible periods after both of them. I've had to have a D&C and am now considering some other options.
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I had my second daughter march 31st and its now july 6th and I had one period since I had the baby an that was in may... And never started again :|

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