I Have Slimy Liquid Discharge With Blood And A Light Menstruation. What Does It Mean?


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The kind of menstruation you are having is nothing to worry about. It is normal to have discharge before you menstruate and it can be all different consistencies so this is nothing unusual.

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The heaviness of your period can vary greatly from one month to the next. One month it may be very heavy and the next it could be what is described as spotting which is when only a tiny bit of blood comes out. The reason why periods change so much is all down to your body. Many different emotions and situations can change how heavy or existent your period is. For example; if you are stressed, have lost a lot of weight or exercise a lot then this can alter your periods quite dramatically and can even sometimes make you skip a period.
A discharge before and perhaps even after menstruation is a normal part of menstruating and is nothing to worry about.

  • Discharge
Vaginal discharge can be a sign of different sections of your menstrual cycle but it can also signify an infection. If you experience any itchiness, dryness or tenderness in this area then it may be worth going to your doctors or sexual health clinic for a check up just to make sure.
However, if your period continues to be very light and you are worried about this then the best thing to do is to go down to your doctors or sexual health clinic for a general check up. If anything it may help to put your mind at rest.
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Recently I have a discharge with some blood stain like brownish colour on it.  SO could these be a problem to my health?  Please advise me.
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The only slimy mucus liquid I ever had is every month when I ovulate that happens but only once a month ....and when I gave birth which was my mucus lid that I lost over a couple of days !!!! Could you bee pregnant ?
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Oh. Coz before i have this light menstruation, i experienced having that kind of discharge and as u said its an ovulation. But why is that my menstruation is so light and actually just for two days? And everytime i stretched my body.. Its a little bit painful in my tummy... I even experienced a little cramping in one spot of my tummy for few mins.. Then it will be gone.. And goes back to other spot...

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