Is Being 135 Pounds At 5 Foot 9 Too Skinny?


4 Answers

Christy Muller Profile
Christy Muller answered

The normal weight range for someone 5'9 is 128 - 162.

At 135 pounds, you are at the lower end of the normal range, but you are not're fine!

If you're self conscious about it though, you could always put on some more mass onto your frame, lift some weights and make sure the majority of it is muscle.

However again, nothing wrong with where you are.

Muhammad Nadeem Profile
Muhammad Nadeem answered
Not too skinny for women because normal weight at this height for women is 141-151 pounds but for men it is skinny and their normal weight range is 149-160 pounds.
Maxine Chan Profile
Maxine Chan answered
Not really at all. I have been 135 before and 120 pounds at the least.
Madisyn Ray St.Francis Profile
Ugh a little but not as skinny as me :P I'm 5'7 1/4 actually and I'm 103 pounds. NOT PRETTY (just look at my pictures :PPP) although my piercings are good I'm afraid to show them off cause my hip bones jutt out so much...

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