How Can I Lose About 30-35 Pounds A Month?


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I agree with the rest, there is no quick fix to lose weight.  I have a weight loss strategy that worked for me--I went from 240 to 155.  Thing is, though, that I took 18 months to do it. 
Keep this in mind, too.  The quicker you lose weight, the more likely you are to gain it back.  And when you gain it back, your body will add on more weight to try to protect itself from losing so much weight again.  If you lose weight slowly, your body will gradually get used to the weight loss and not think that it's under attack and about to die, and you're more likely to keep that weight off.
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The best way to lose 30 pounds in 1 month is to lose 30 pounds in 2 months...or better yet, 3 months.

Basically, you're not giving yourself much time to lose the weight in a healthy way...depending on how much weight you have to lose, it may not be possible to see that amount of weight loss in the time frame specified.

Nevertheless, to simplify things:

As a woman, don't go further than 1,200 calories/day (1,500/day as a man).

And do 45-1 hour of cardio 3+ times a week.

If you were really aiming for maximum weight loss, you'd be going for at least 1 hour or more of cardio 7 times a week, but keep in mind with extreme diets, you're not only going to lose fat, but a lot of muscle mass as well.

As far as what to eat?:


-lean beef
-skim milk
-greek yogurt


-vegetables + fruits
-whole grain rice


-peanut butter

minimize your processed food intake as it is calorically dense but not very satiating.

More info on how to set this up properly here.

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I agree with robbie.  Rapid weight loss has a lot of
drawbacks.  It is not good for anyone to lose that much weight in
such a short time.  There are health risks involved and you are
more likely to gain the weight back and even put on more.  Gradual
weight loss is a much better approach.

There is no quick and easy way to lose weight, no matter what
manufacturers of weight loss products or authors of fad diets might
like you to think.

You need to find something that works for you and be prepared to commit yourself to work at it.

You might look in to Weight Watchers.  Just to start off, try
drinking more water, cut out foods with a lot of fat or sugar and try
to get more excercise.  Eat more vegetables. 

Whatever you do, please be careful and do not go to extremes to lose a
lot of weight in a hurry.  I'm sorry if this is not the answer you
were looking for.  I wish you the best of luck.
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You probably can't, and if you did, you could kill yourself losing that much weight so quickly.  Something like that is unhealthy.  You could end up having a heart attack.

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