I Have Been On My Period For Two And A Half Weeks Now, What's Going On? It's Getting More And More Uncomfortable Each Day, Can Anyone Help?


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You really should get this checked out.. I had this happen a lot in my life. There can be a lot more than these nasty deadly disease they are mentioning.
Your hormones can be out of wack, consider this  a warning sign that you do need to get a pap and see if there is so pre/cancerous etc cells developing. It could very well be an infection but the only way to find out is go see.  I had cancer and cyst on my ovaries which could be why you are in pain and bleeding. Good Luck  museme113
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Why how lucky are you that this the exact area of my expertise ? I know periods better than my own wife..that's pretty well.
First of all you have 'perioda lactasa' more common to the feline species but unfortunately can occur in the human female. It is extremely rare in humans ..last case study done stated it was roughly ".2 in every 100000" but no need to worry there is a simple and painless treatment. Perioda lactasa is the matured stage of "extractflactomene" and can be cured by contacting your local GP and asking for a prescription of glazea immuneteus which is basically cat hairs mixed with antibiotics(the cat hairs are needed because they contain an enzyme only found in cats to , like I said before its in cats the disease is most common).So if you take this advice you will be fine otherwise you will most definitely bleed to death with an eternal period. Hope this helped
a bientot.
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Oh wow I my line of work this isn't common but is a very serious infection deep in your vagina.. It is called Extractflactomeane,I really suggest you see a doctor ASAP!!! Before it grows into something way more serious called perioda lactasa.. I am deeply worried as should you,Let me know what you do about the matter quickly! Thanks Conor!

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