Will Starving Yourself Get Rid Of Cellulite?


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No, celulite can get worse during weight loss unless you smear oil on your legs which helped me too.

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Possibly but you risk doing more harm to your body than good.
Look at it this way, the weight didn't appear over night and it should not be leaving over night either.
And I've read that if you deprive your body of food it may actually be counter productive to losing the weight as your body will think it is going through a hard time and will seek to hold on to any fat deposits because it does not know when it will ever be fed again you know
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Jason Knight , fitness consultant, answered

Dieting is great for preventing cellulite, but I do not recommend using dieting
by itself for cellulite removal.

Here's my advice:

you are over weight, apply both diet, and exercise together for fastest results.
Now when I say diet, I am not referring to the dieting you are thinking of. Just
concentrate on cutting down on fat, salt, caffeine, and drink plenty of

over weight, but have the need to lose cellulite? No problem, just follow an
exercise routine at least 3 times per week. Make sure the workout involves both
cardio, and toning. You must focus on exercises that stimulate the muscle that
lies directly under your skins surface.

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Christy Muller answered

Starving yourself will get rid of not only cellulite but lean muscle tissue as well.

It's never a good idea to starve yourself, it is not healthy and it is not a sustainable way of life.

Don't go below 1,200 calories as a woman or 1,500 as a man.

Stick to eating vegetables, lean meats, 1-2 fruits/day and a small amount of healthy fats from nuts or avocados.

You will eventually get rid of the cellulite on your body with a sustained caloric deficit, it is just a matter of need to be patient with these matters and the thing that works best with patience is a sound diet strategy/eating plan.

This is one of the better ones.

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Have you thought about - Cellulite Annihilation? (Google it). My cousin got great results with it. It's an exercise program that targets specific muscles. Not sure if diet is included - my cousin didn't say anything about dieting.

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