Is Dancing A Good Form Of Exercise?


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Yes most dancing is actually an excellent form of exercise. Perhaps the best type of dancing are salsa, lambada or jive. These are particularly good in terms of aerobic exercise and improve general fitness levels, as well as promoting strength and endurance. In addition, these types of dancing increase our flexibility as well as rhythm.
General ballroom dancing or contemporary/jazz dancing is also very good for people and due to the fact that it is physically demanding, it can also be counted as an aerobic form of exercise.
However, due to the intensity of all the dance groups mentioned, they may not be suitable for people who have lower back problems or joint trouble.
For people who do have joint/back problems, belly dancing is usually a good form of keeping fit (but is mainly for women only) and line dancing can be a great (sociable) way of keeping fit and many people find it very relaxing.
Disco/Rave dancing is also good at stretching muscles and burning up calories, depending on intensity.
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Did you see this last series of "Dancing With the Stars"? Billy Ray Cyrus said in one of the interviews, "I've lost 12 lbs. already, and we still have more shows to do, I'm loving this."
Dancing involves getting the cardiovasculars going, you are moving and using energy, muscles that have been dormant for a while are being used, and they respond in kind to it.
You will get more natural energy after doing some dancing, and you will find that you want to eat better and healthier so that you are capable of doing the dancing that you want to do. Hope this helps, dance the night away.
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Yes. Plus its fun to do with your favorite person or best friends it just makes life a whole lot easier so you don't feel like you need to run on a treadmill for hours just to fell like you lost 5 pounds and you only lost 1 pound and 3 inches around the waist
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Yes,it is. You have fun and you loose weight by dancing.
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Dancing is great refreshment and workout source for us.we can loose weight,reduce stress,boost stamina with the help of dancing.

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Dancing is an amazing form of exercise. I mean have you ever seen a fat dancer? It's very good because it involves arm strength, leg strength and movement which is the key to weight loss.
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I think dancing is an excellent way to burn calories, you're moving and having fun while doing it =)
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Of course when you feel you are not fit and you want to loose weight and also like to dance then it is a great idea to dance and loose weight. But I would like to mention that if you are too fat to dance then do not do it as there is a possibility that you can hurt your self. If you are over weight it is definitely not good for you to dance.

I will recommend you to first of all start walking not as you walk normally do it fast and quick walk, specifically early morning walk. Then have a healthy breakfast not junk food juices, salad tuna sandwich, boiled eggs etc. you have to choose food that contain low calories and use olive oil instead of any other oils , it will help your body to get rid of extra fats in your body. You will also feel light when you will reduce some weight and also will be able to enjoy your life and dance.

Then take admission in a dancing school which can help you to dance in those steps which will not let you hurt your self. In this way you can learn dance and loose your weight as well.

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