I M 15 And 5 Ft Tall... How Can I Grow Atleast Till 5 Ft 8 Inches Soon?


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Merlin Paine answered
Take the height of your mother and the height of your father add them together and divide by two then subtract three inches for being a female and add one inch for living in an era of higher nutrition than your parents likely did  and that should give you a ball park estimate of how tall you will be. All you can do to insure that you become as tall as you can possibly be is to eat a balanced and health diet.
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solmon answered
You r just and man can grow for 18. Take healthy food . You will definitely grow.
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Amy Evins answered
Hmmm. Sorry, but I don't think their is anyway to just take like a pill and grow like that...You'll probably get a natural growth spert soon though...Some ways you can know if your about to have a growth spert are, sleeping longer then usual, getting tired in the middle of the day, and increased apatight. Hope this helps!
PS: I wish I could get taller, I'm 15 and 5.2.

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