What Antibiotics Get Meth Out Of Your System?


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Antibiotics should not be used as a method of cleansing your system of drug use.

Not only will they be completely ineffective at doing so, but their use with methamphetamine could cause serious health risks.

There are no effective ways to quickly rid your body of evidence of drug use. Covering agents or detox kits will also cause you to fail a drug test.

Meth and antibiotics
  • Antibiotics are used to treat bacterial infections. There is scientific evidence that they can accelerate the elimination of methamphetamine from the body.
  • The most commonly-used form of drug screening is a urine test. This method of testing can find traces of methamphetamine for up to four days after the drug was last taken.
  • Blood testing is occasionally used to detect traces of methamphetamine. The drug will be present in the blood up to three days after it was used.
  • Mouth swab testing looks for the presence of methamphetamine in the saliva of a user, and this form of testing can detect drug use up to three days after the last dosage.
  • Hair follicle tests are used to establish a longer-term drug history of an individual. This form of testing is reliable up to three months after the drug's last usage.

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