Why Do My Breast Hurt After I Already Had My Period A Week Ago?


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There can be many reasons why your breast may be tender and hurt. If you had a period a week ago you can rule out pregnancy, or if you are pregnant it could be too soon to tell. Up to 70% of women report having sore breasts at some point in their lives so it is usually nothing to worry about. It is very common and there can be many causes. If you have any concerns, consult a doctor.

The most common causes of painful breasts are:

  • PMS
PMS is pre-menstrual syndrome, during this time there is a dominance of estrogen in the body which can lead to swelling and water retention. This can make your breasts sore. This does usually occur a few days before your period but it is also possible to experience it at any time during the month so it is nothing to worry about if you experience PMS like symptoms at any other time in your cycle.

  • Menopause
When women reach the menopause it is very common to have extended symptoms of PMS. Your body is going through a huge change and all of your hormones will be out of balance so it can lead to soreness all over your body, particularly in your breasts. 

  • Medication
Certain types of medication can lead to soreness in the breasts. Medication such as oral contraceptives, antidepressants and a lot of drugs used in hormone replacement therapy. If you are on a medication that is causing uncomfortable side affects you should always talk to your doctor and ask for some advice.

  • Very large breasts
If you have large breasts, this can lead to pain due to the extra weight. You should always wear a properly fitting bra that supports and lifts your breasts. If your breasts are causing neck, back or shoulder pain you should consult your doctor and consider breast reduction.
  • Breast cancer
In the later stages of breast cancer, some women have pain in their breasts. This is usually only in the later stages of cancer so you should not worry but you should regularly check your breasts for lumps, changes or abnormalities.
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Due to improper bra oppression,or Menstruation comes,or Inflammation of the breast
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If you had unprotected sex while you were ovulating, it's a possibility.  However, most pregnancy symptoms are similar to pms symptoms and the intensity of your pms symptoms can vary month to month.  I'd wait four or five days and then try testing if your really worried about it.  Good luck and I hope you get the answer you're looking for!  :)
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My breasts hurt and I haven't had my period in a month and a half what is going on?
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You might be... Breast pains, are one of the symptoms... Take a pregnancy kit to be sure....
have the test in the morning...
you wont have much  result in the first week...
if you have already missed a period cycle then if should give the proper result...

if you still aren't sure about result check with your doc/gyn/ob

Hope this helps....

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I think every female goes through the same thing :)

The obvious answer would be that you're either pregnant, or about to come on.

I'm going through the same thing at the minute, but my period's just stopped and I'm still a virgin so I cannot be pregnant :)

Go to the doctors :)
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Well... Your breast can hurt if you r pregnant and before you have your period your breast hurts.... And if you didnt have your 1st period you can't have a baby... Period is part of a cycle in your body and if you havent had it yet and you had sex before your period theres NO possible way that you r pregnant..... So no you are not unless you had your period (99% positive)
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Chest pain is a common symptom of emergency, usually caused by chest diseases, chest pain, chest pain caused by the severity and causes do not necessarily have the exact relationship, such as chest, severe herpes zoster can produce chest pain, chest pain of acute myocardial infarction is sometimes not very seriously. Therefore, patients with chest pain should be carefully inspected as far as possible to find the reasons causing chest pain.
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There is a chance that you may be pregnant! You should wait another 2 weeks and then you can take an early pregnancy testing kit
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Breast tenderness during pregnancy is felt not so early. In my opinion, you are having premenstrual syndrome which is a condition that occurs few days before periods. Its reasons are not known but high progesterone levels can be factor. But you can not rule out pregnancy 100%. Other signs of premenstrual syndrome are

1. Bloating
2. Lethargy
3. Mood changes
4. Food craving
5. Muscle spasm
6. Feeling of fullness
7. Headaches
8. Cramps
9. Painful periods

You should get pregnancy test on missing of periods.
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Are you on any form of birth control?  I found that ortho tri cylen made my breast hurt in the first 3 months I was on it.  Another thing may be Caffine.  My mother can't' have caffine or her boobs will hurt. Or, as she puts it, "caffine makes my boobs feel like bricks". Lol.  Try cutting back on caffine, and see if the pain lessons.  Good luck. :)

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