If You Think Your Pregnant And You Have People Kick And Stand On Your Stomach What Can Happen?


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First of all let me say if this is going to happen on purpose then you need some help!!! If you need to get rid of a baby get an abortion!!!! But if this is a Accident, you can loose the baby, being hit and kicked I the belly while pregnant will more then likely cause a miscarriage.
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WHY IN THE WORLD WOULD PEOPLE BE DOING THAT IN THE FIRST PLACE! If you are THAT desperate do what Sara1203 suggested and get an abortion!
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The baby will die. Is killing your baby worth the belly pains afterwards?your belly will be in serrious pain after that
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First if this is done on purpose may God have mercy on you and the people who are helping you try to kill your fetus. Second the fetus may not die and you can have a very sick baby that you will one day have to explain to what you did to him/her. So if you don't want to be pregnant get an abortion and don't have sex until you get on some birth control !!!!!  
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Trauma to the stomach is never easy for anyone. Do you know for sure that you are pregnant?

If you are trying to do this on purpose, here is something you may find interesting to think about:
3 scenarios:
1) a woman decides to suffocate her baby the day after she gives birth to it
2) a woman decides to terminate the life of her unborn child the day before she gives birth to it
3) a woman decides to crush her fetus early on in the pregnancy

At what stage is it murder? If not at all 3 stages, then who gets to decide? When is it ok?

When is it a human being? When it gets a certain physical feature? Who gets to decide which one? Is it not the breath of life that makes it a living being? I am sure you don't think that it's life is less valuable because it cannot be seen? You know that it still exists. Even if you do not believe in God, if you chose to abort, you are still taking a life. You are deciding for someone else whether they live or die. It doesn't matter how they were conceived, that is something you have to deal with (and I know it can be difficult, but you are surely a strong young woman, you can get through anything), not them. They are not just a consequence or an inconvenience, they are a human being.  There is nothing to be ashamed of when it comes to deciding to raise a human being. Please analyze why you find it ok, can your reasons really stand up against life? Is the baby going to regret living? Since it is their life, that 's what matters.

People don't think abortion is murder. As a vessel, you get to decide the cargo, right? It's in your womb, right? So, since it is inside something you own, you can get rid of it? Well a fetus is more that just cargo, its a living, breathing passenger.
I know you will make the right decision. You can even pray for help.

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