Where Can I See Pictures Of What My Unborn Baby Looks Like?


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Try searching the internet. Type in unborn baby images and go to images
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They take ultrasounds 3 times during your pregnancy, starting at 3 months. Just ask for a picture.
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If you have not yet had an ultrasound you may be wondering what your baby looks like. The unborn baby can be viewed now with some brilliant technology which gives 4D images - there are loads of clinics across the UK specialising in this service which is an experience not to be missed.
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Well you can consult with your doctors there are some machines which are latest invention in the medical science by which you can see the pictures of your unborn baby so this is the way you can find the picture of unborn babies through the machine. You can check this link where you can use the pictures of unborn babies www.prolifeamerica.com
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I am five months pregnant after setting for a long time  I will have a swollen foot. Please  what can I do to stop this?
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What site gives me a good view of what my baby will look like with my husband

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