How Big Is My Unborn Baby At Six Months?


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At six months (twenty-five weeks), your unborn baby is thirty-four centimetres long and weighs one and a half pounds.

Your baby's bones are becoming solid and the hands are fully developed. The sexual organs are also fully developed.

Your baby's lungs are developing rapidly although, if he or she were to be born at this stage, some help with breathing would be needed.  Your baby's nostrils are open, and he or she will begin to take practice breaths.

Senses Your baby's brain responds to touch, and if you were to shine a light on your belly, your baby would turn to look at it - which shows that the optical nerves are working, too.

Your baby will begin to recognise and remember your voice, but it may hear your partner's voice more clearly than yours, as the pitch of the male voice tends to be deeper.

Your unborn baby is also starting to become aware of how he or she moves at six months old.  He or she will begin wiggling fingers and toes, and making fists.  Your baby will already have developed its own unique fingerprints.

Your baby's eyes are still closed, but by week twenty-six they will start to open, and your baby will even begin to blink!

Babies born at this stage of the pregnancy have a fifty-percent chance of survival.
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Well, if I was to throw out a guess, I would say she or he would fit in the palm of your hand. Isn't God Awesome! Creation is such a beautiful thing. When my girls were born, WOW, what a moment! I thank the Lord for giving us these two.

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