Can weed affect my unborn baby?


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Most definitely as it stays in their little system longer and does a whole lot more damage too and doesnt stand a chance because his Mommy is doing something really stupid for no good reason This will show up once baby is born and results will be turned over to the appropriate authorities
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Yes if u smoke u at higher risk of miscarrying and the baby has really High risk of breathing problems and a risk of going though withdraw when born
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Yes, it can deform it or give it mental problems or TONS of other things please 4 the baby's sake don't do drugs while pregnant unless instructed 2 by a doctor
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No, definitely not!  Do not worry! I'm surprised you asked this question.

If you think about it, the placenta is taking care of your baby's wee at the moment and weed won't be a problem until after it is born and if you choose Pampers, it need never be a problem. Potty training is a breeze.

I think it's great that you are taking impending motherhood so seriously - I really wish all young mothers would be as responsible as you.
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Maria Not Telling
Yes it will the placenta is made from mothers blood if that contain weed the baby is going to be effected and u need to stop smoking now dont listen to this guy he is a 100% wrong and what does potty training have to down with it i think this guy is talking about urine not weed because he thinks weed is wee or urine
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It can effect your unborn baby but the effects are still unknown. There are very little studies about marijuana even though people love to quote fake reports. This plant has been the center of a lot of conspiracy over the years.
There are people that will get mad if you don't use pot if you are pregnant and especially if you are breast feeding.
Do not believe what people think they know.
That said, I wouldn't smoke if I was pregnant. Breast feeding is another thing all together. Most things that I hear from reliable sources - not these people that think they know, but I mean from people that study the effects of marijuana.
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Why wouldn't it

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