What Does My Unborn Baby Look Like At 8 Months?


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At eight months, your unborn baby is eighteen to twenty centimetres long.  It will be less wrinkled now than it was during the earlier months of pregnancy, and will also be plumper.

At the end of eight months, your baby will weigh five to six pounds. From this stage in the pregnancy, the baby will gain half a pound a week.

At eight months, your baby will:

  • Be sleeping through regular periods of deep sleep
  • Be kicking less
  • Be wriggling more, because less room is available
  • Be using four of the five senses (vision, hearing, taste and touch)
At eight months, the baby will have full-length toe and finger nails, and its kidneys will be fully-developed.  It will also be able to pick up on its mother's mood.

During this last month of pregnancy, your baby will gradually drop into your pelvis, ready for delivery.

Very soon after that, your baby will be a newborn!

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