Will apple cider vinager help me pass a drug test?


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Your best bet is to just drink a lot of water. Make sure your running clear when you go for the test, collect mid stream. This is the best way to insure your test will go well. Trace amounts are acceptable on most tests, you're just looking to get it diluted down.
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A good way to pass a drug test is vinegar pickle juice is vinegar drink like 2-3 jars a day till your drug test and if you have the money there are energy drinks that mask the THC in weed so your urine looks clean
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NO NO NO ..  When will you people waken up and smell the coffee ?   You take the drug ....  So be prepared to accept the consequences .
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I understand where your coming from & i know its no ones fault but they're own. But, in some circumstances where there is a physical or mental pain involved, & you went through the channels to seek medical, even after seeing a doctor, & were denied, that once in a while we have to take a chance & make a bad decision, there should be understanding instead of punishment. One dirty urine in years of supervision & being vback to jail is unacceptable & ridiculous.

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