How does vaginal discharge look when your nearing your period?


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It starts out clearish whiteish, then it gets heavier and you get a lot more and more. This stage can last any time from a couple of weeks, up to a year, or in my case so far, 2 years. In the next stage it starts to turn more brownish. This lasts from 1 day or up to 2 weeks. Then the last stage is spotting. You often get little tiny blood spots in your underwear about a day before the real deal, and then, you get it. Hope this helped.
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All women have vaginal discharge. It is what keeps the vagina healthy and lubricated for coitus and comfort etc.  In fact most women are too clean there, in the sense that they feel they have to wash it all away daily from in the vagina but this is not so. The vagina is in fact self cleansing. But all womens discharge lessens after the menopause and most postmenopausal women have much less discharge because of their ovaries stopping the output of oestrogen.
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I haven't been on my period for 6 month

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Well it varies from person to person, but it can be anywhere from a tannish brown to red

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