Just wondering, is there any girl out there who is pregnant and under age 20? I'm just curious to know your story..


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If you are pregnant and under the age of 20, you may want to speak to other girls in your same situation, or at least hear their stories. There are many ways that you can do either of the above, to put your mind at ease and to talk to someone who is currently as scared as you are, going through the same experiences. Here are some ways that you can gain more information about being under the age of 20 and pregnant:

  • Watch "16 and pregnant" on MTV

If you want to find out more about being under the age of 20 and being pregnant, you can watch this popular TV show on MTV. The show follows a group of girls under the age of 20 through their individual pregnancies, showing their different struggles as they grow their babies and eventually give birth to them. The TV show also follows the girls after they have given birth, to show how much of an impact having a child has on their day to day experiences. The show is great to watch if you are pregnant and you don't want anyone to know yet, despite wanting to know more about pregnancy and hear from someone that can relate to you.

  • Go online

Today you can find forums for practically anything that exists on the planet, meaning that you will easily be able to find a forum full of pregnant girls under the age of 20 that you can talk to. This will allow you to make friends that are in the same situation as you, meaning that you have someone to talk to that isn't in your direct circle of friends or life. It means that you can just be yourself and talk about your problems without someone judging you. Sharing experiences is always good for you when you're worried.

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