Are Fever Blisters/cold Sores A Very Early Sign Of Pregnancy?


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It is not possible to say whether cold sores are an early sign of pregnancy. Though they can be an early indication that a woman is pregnant they can also come about due to a whole host of things. Cold sores or fever blisters can be an early sign of just that, a fever. Often you find sores in the corner of your mouth if you are run-down or if your diet is suffering somewhat. Often a lack of vitamin D can produce fever blisters and cold sores in the corner of the mouth so a diet of fresh green vegetables and vitamin supplements can help to prevent this. They can also be the early signs of a cold coming on which you can do nothing about.
In terms of pregnancy there are plenty of other signs which may give you some idea as to whether you are expecting. Apart from the obvious missing of a period, many women find they are urinating much more often than usual when during the early stages of pregnancy. This is sometimes combined with sensitive nipples, which often change to a darker colour than usual. Sickness and nausea can come along in the early stages of pregnancy too as well as tiredness and a different sense of taste, such as craving certain foods whilst going off others.
All of this is guess work though and it really is recommended to seek medical assistant from a doctor or even carry out a test using a home pregnancy kit from a pharmacy as many people show different symptoms during the early stages of pregnancy and in some cases women are unaware of any changes until very late into the process.
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Cold sores can flare up due to pregnancy. Any time your immune system is lowered you can get one. Ive had three children and I have only had cold sores in the first trimester. But just because you have one dosent mean your pregnant
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I have been pregnant two times and I have gotten fever blisters both times. They come up in the first trimester when the hormones are changing  and then by the second trimester I don't get them anymore.
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Don't allow your frame temperature cross over 102 levels Fahrenheit. That could be very unsafe for the little one. Take two additional-force Tylenol and wait a few hours. If it may not cross down, name your health care professional. I recommend you Home remedies for fever through this you get instant of knowledge about What's good for fever .

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Cold sores are not sign of pregnancy. These cold sores can be due to viral infection called herpes. No, treatment is recommended. These sores will go off at their own after completing life cycle. 4 Days after ovulation can not be the day of Implantation. After fertilization, zygote take time to reach in uterus that can be 8-10 days. So, either your calculation of  ovulation is wrong or you might be having some other problem. Secondly, very few ladies have implantation bleeding. Don't guess, expect or get advice from people because it can cause stress and psychological problems that can lead to infertility. Simply, wait for your due dates of periods and get test if not on time. In case of negative test, go to gynecologist and start treatment if recommended.
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Look, i've done a lot of research and fever blisters, not for everyone, can be a sign. And I don't have herpes, thank you. I tested this morning and I'm pregnant.
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I had to comment because you are very wrong. Fever blisters ARE Herpes, I have a dermatology background. The Herpes Simplex Virus has 2 different types-just in different areas. The blisters can be on the mouth, nose etc...or genitals. So be very careful while you are contagious because you can transmit it to other areas on your own body...or to your partner. Also there IS a lot of treatments, but the best treatment is Valtrax or Famvir (oral meds). 
The second you feel a tingling/burning sensation, where the blister is a/b to form, you want to get that medication in your system pronto. It can prevent the blister from bursting, or even forming completely. Otherwise, you are stuck w/ a painful and ugly sore for up to 10 days. It's the fastest and most effective way to treat Herpes Simplex.
Also, fever blisters are not a symptom of pregnancy. Blisters can be a symptom of other symptoms you may be having. Stress, lack of vitamin D, lack of sleep, a cold/flu, fever. Lots of reasons people get them, but don't think of pregnancy every time you get a fev blister.

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